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Your home is especially susceptible to burglary during the hours of 10am – 3pm.  For most adults and families, they are occupied by work, school, or other social engagements during these hours. Criminals are aware of this fact and often choose this opportunity to strike.

Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your home and your valuables are safe when you’re not at home.  These tips to improve home security can help keep your family safe.

  1. Home Security System – The most obvious solution to this problem is to install a reliable alarm system and subscribe to monitoring services with a reputable home security system company. Home alarm systems offer an obstacle to burglars who want access to your home and valuables quickly. Home burglary is a crime of opportunity and, in most cases, criminals want to attack a home that is unoccupied and won’t present any problems. While the monthly cost of a home security system and monitoring services is something to consider, it is worth doing some research. Many companies offer free consultations and there may be insurance benefits if your home has a security system installed.
  2. Lock your doors – This may seem like a simple task to do but perhaps owing to habit or a perceived sense of safety in a long-term community, not everyone locks their doors all of the time. Again, home burglary is a crime of opportunity. Burglars are unwilling to invest time and effort in breaking down a well-secured and locked door. Have you moved into a new home? Make sure that you change the locks and that only you and your family have keys to access your home.
  3. Hiding Emergency Keys – It might be tempting to conceal an emergency key in your mailbox or under the doormat in case you ever lose your keys. Burglars will know exactly where to look. Avoid the temptation and don’t hide keys around the front door of your home.
  4. Windows – Invest in window coverings that make it difficult for thieves and criminals to tell whether or not the home is unoccupied. If a burglar is uncertain, they may not want to risk breaking in when someone is home. Window coverings are especially helpful in maintaining home security if you’re away on vacation or away from your home for long periods of time.
  5. Protect your windows – Make sure that your windows are protected with locks or break-resistant glass. If a burglar can’t get through your doors, they are most likely to attempt to access your home through windows.
  6. Lights! Another low-cost and simple way to increase security in your home is to install timers on your interior lights. You could set timers to turn lights on and off in your home while you’re away so that it appears occupied to would-be intruders. An added benefit is that timers on your interior lights could help you regulate and save on your energy bills. The same idea can be applied to the outside of your home. Install motion-sensors and timers on your exterior lights, which will surprise burglars and might deter them from proceeding with their plan.
  7. Landscaping – Landscaping doesn’t just keep your home looking great. Keeping hedges and trees trimmed also minimizes the spaces around your home where intruders can hide while they wait for your home to be unoccupied and vulnerable. Make sure, as well, to routinely check garages and sheds around your home.
  8. Neighbourhood Watch – It’s an old fashioned idea but a really great way to enhance your home security along with your neighbour’s.It is helpful to have an extra set of eyes looking after your home if you’re away on vacation. You can also rest easier at night knowing that you’re contributing to the well-being and general safety of your community.
  9. Deliveries – Online shopping is ubiquitous nowadays, especially during the holiday season. While we might be careful with arranging packages to arrive when someone is at home, we all know that deliveries don’t always arrive as planned. If you’re at work or away, don’t leave a note for your delivery man/ mailman indicating the home is unoccupied. Try to have the packages re-delivered or sent to a friend a neighbour who will be at home to receive the package for you.
  10. Be vigilant – At the end of the day, it’s important to be vigilant about the safety of your home. Don’t get into bad habits and you won’t leave your home vulnerable to burglars and thieves!