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PasWord's Business Security Services

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PasWord serves businesses of every size and offers custom-designed security systems based on the type of business you own and what you need to protect. With a wide range of services and a broad base of expertise, our local team is prepared to meet all your current and prospective security needs. When you need a security system in Hamilton, Niagara, Halton, and across the GTA, contact PasWord Protection!

Your customized security design may include:

Virtual Guard Services

With PasWord Protection’s verified video alarm monitoring, you won’t have to worry about false alarms. Video verification sets us apart, and above, other business security providers.

Security Systems

All PasWord business security systems receive our ULC Listed 24 hour alarm monitoring services from the PasWord Response Centre. We design, install, service and monitor our own systems.

Video Surveillance

With PasWord Video Guard Response, your security cameras will alert our 24 Hour Video Response Centre when there is movement when there should not be.

Access Control

Your PasWord security access control system will allow you to determine just that for each and every employee, each and every day, for each and every area of your business.

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

ULC fire alarm monitoring ensures the proper responses and procedures are followed when fire alarms, fire troubles, and supervisory alarms are received. It also ensures your system is in good working order. Just another way PasWord Protection provides business security measures to keep Hamilton safe.

PasWord Connect for Business

Use PasWord Connect for customized, real-time alerts and notifications when the system is armed or disarmed. Login to our app and remove the code instantly from anywhere, any time.

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Contact us today for special offers and learn how PasWord Protection can help keep you safe during this transition. Let’s get started with a no-charge site assessment from your local security consultant in Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brantford, Cambridge, Niagara, Kitchener and Waterloo, Niagara Falls, Milton, St. Catharines.