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Access Control

How important is your IT Room? Do you really need that inventory? Does your staff know they are safe when they work late?

Your PasWord Access Control system will allow you to manage who gets into your most valuable space and when they can gain access. Should the landscaper really have access to your IT Room?

Access Cards, Key Fobs and Biometrics are all technologies that open doors. Is that all you need, or is opening doors to the people you want in when you want them in the real goal?

Your PasWord security access control system will allow you to determine just that for each and every employee, each and every day, for each and every area of your business.

With Anti Pass Back Protection, your access control system can also be used as an electronic time keeper for payroll hours.

Integrate your PasWord Access Control System with a PasWord Video Guard Response system and we will be able to see who attempted to gain access immediately. If it’s someone you don’t want accessing specific areas of your business, our 24 hour response centre will be there to respond.

Properly designed, an Access Control system will give you Serious Security for your company, even when you are open for business.

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