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PasWord Connect for Business

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Managing your commercial security system has never been easier than with PasWord Connect.

The easy to use app allows you full control of your business security system while on site or from a remote location. Use your smartphone or computer to arm, disarm, add or remove codes and set up notifications to your business security system all from our easy to use app.


Whether you are a Business Owner or Security Administrator, PasWord Connect can benefit you:

Came in the next day to find out that the system was never armed?

Set up notifications to alert you if the security system was not armed or disarmed by a certain time, and take care of it remotely.

If you aren’t at the office but need to modify your users?

With PasWord Connect, the easy to use web portal allows you to modify users easily and instantly.

Ever had an employee quit or retire while you were away?

With the app you can quickly log in and remove the code instantly from any place at any time.

Ever wonder who’s disarming your system and at what time?

Use PasWord Connect to set up customized, real time alerts and notifications to alert you when the system is armed and/or disarmed.

Why PasWord For Your Business Security Needs?

We passionately believe that no one ever succeeds at trying to be the biggest, but you can succeed at being the best. Being the best is our never ending goal.

We believe that to be a PasWord team member you must be absolutely committed to going to any length to meet our customers’ security needs and ensuring they are reminded why they chose PasWord with every interaction.

We believe that in order to be the best we must focus our efforts in the markets we know best, delivering the newest technologies and services in a way that people can and will use them, can and will benefit from them.

We believe our employees must be treated as individuals with respect and dignity and we must challenge and coach each employee to be the very best they can be.

The belief that we must treat our customers honestly, ethically, fairly and ensure our price is fair and reasonable permeates every aspect of PasWord Protection.

These beliefs are so deep in the culture of our organization that they guide our every decision and every effort.

pasword connect for business

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