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Virtual Guard Services

Business Security Monitoring

Business Security Story: The boy who cried wolf

Imagine this scenario. You have locked up for the day. After a long commute, you’re finally home and enjoying some quality time with your family.

Your phone rings – it’s your business security system provider. Something has triggered your business’s alarm system. The alarm provider asks if you’re there. Should they contact the police?

For a moment, you hesitate. This is the third alarm this month.

What if it’s another false alarm? Will the police even show up this time?

Business Security Cameras

Up to 98% of alarm notifications end up being false alarms. This drains police resources, reduces police response time, and costs everyone money.

With PasWord Protection’s verified video alarm monitoring, you won’t have to worry about false alarms. Video verification sets us apart, and above, other Southern Ontario Security System providers.

Video verification is a perfect solution for all businesses. From your office place to a construction site the savings on time, money, and potential headaches are large. No more guard fees, no more false alarm charges, a deduction on your insurance, and recorded footage of your location.

How does it work?

After you have activated your PasWord home or business alarm system, it monitors for emergency events. These events can range from motion or vibration, to a door opening or glass breaking.

When your alarm system registers an emergency event notification, our Emergency Video Guards spring into action.

Your alarm system is integrated into your security cameras. When an emergency event occurs, it triggers the remote connection between your CCTV system and our Video Monitoring Station. This integration allows live video monitoring by our Video Guards so they can view what’s happening on your premises through the video cameras.

The Video Guard will quickly be able to determine whether or not a threat to your property is occurring and act accordingly.

Can I view my security cameras?

Yes. PasWord’s video alarm monitoring allows you to view the action on your cameras from multiple devices, in real-time. You can view through your smart phone, tablet, or personal computer.

You will also have a history of your video activity available, so you can review previously recorded video from your office, work site, or home.

Monitored video has extra benefits for people managing multiple work sites. The supervisor for a construction site, for example, can view work progress on site from the office computer or another worksite via their smart phone. Greater security for your business and greater productivity!

Our Business Security Systems Benefits

Video verification has a number of benefits.

  • Limits false alarms going to the police.
  • More affordable than on-site security guards
  • Saves time in real emergency situations.
  • Allows you to monitor jobsite activity for performance, health and safety, etc.

The main benefit of video alarm monitoring is that visual confirmation of a break-in or other emergency means police WILL respond and they will do so quickly. In a word…“Action!”

security system benefits
business security montioring

Business Security Monitoring Options
CCTV system integration

PasWord’s video verification service integrates with your businesses existing CCTV security system. Your Emergency Video Guards will be able to use your own cameras to monitor for trouble and react quickly.

CCTV integration is perfect for:

  • Car Lots
  • Scrap Yards
  • Pharmacies
  • Jewellery Stores
  • Money Marts
  • Any small retail store

Remote rental units

What if your company doesn’t have a CCTV system? Many businesses, like construction sites, are temporary and don’t have the time to add a security camera system. Others are remote, located in areas without the infrastructure necessary for traditional security cameras.

If your business has this challenge, PasWord has the solution for you! Our remote video verification and monitoring rental units are ideal for these situations.

Your cameras won’t be permanent fixtures and can be mounted on a pole, wall, or as part of a trailer. These cameras are powered from a local source or via solar panels.

They also provide wireless alarm monitoring, as they communicate with the Video Guard station via cellular signal. Best of all, there are no upfront costs of your rental!

Remote camera rental units are a great solution for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Hydro Stations
  • Remote Locations

What About My Privacy?

PasWord Protection also means privacy protection. While your Video Guard team can view your premises following an emergency notification, they have no feed to your cameras before that. This means you can rest assured your day-to-day privacy is safe with PasWord video security monitoring.

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