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The holiday season is upon us and we at PasWord have some holiday crime prevention tips that can help you with your home security.

Don’t make it easy for burglars! Lock the doors and windows of your home, so that no one can enter when you’re away or in the house.

“If you’re going to display gifts, keep your drapes closed or ensure they can’t be seen through a window.”

Don’t display gifts in plain view. While gifts are a fixture in many homes over the holiday season, many people have presents that they purchase and display around the Christmas tree. It looks festive, but when seen through a window, it can be a tempting sight for burglars. If you’re going to display gifts, keep your drapes closed or ensure they can’t be seen through a window. Before Christmas, keep them in closets or other storage areas.

Don’t advertise what Santa brought you. Remember that many boxes show what they contain, and can advertise new purchases when the boxes are left out for trash pickups. Rather than showing everyone that there’s a new Big Screen TV or Sound System or other purchases in your house, break down or cut up boxes so they fit inside your recycling bins.

Make it look like someone’s home. If a home looks occupied, burglars will generally leave it alone. If you’re going away for the holidays, put inside and outside lights on timers. Don’t set all lights to turn on and off at the exact same time, as it will indicate timers are being used. Set a radio to a talk radio station, and set it on a timer to play for several hours a day. Have neighbors pick up your mail and park in your driveway, so it appears someone’s home. Make sure your snow is cleared from the driveway and entrance areas.

Be sure to have a neighbor remove newspapers and flyers daily.

Have a safe and secure Holiday Season from the PasWord Protection team.

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