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Home Security Cameras

Protecting your home and your family is your most important duty

At PasWord Protection, we understand how important this is and are ready to help with full perimeter detection systems, including a variety of home security cameras.

Our video surveillance systems can help prevent intrusions by scaring off would be burglars before they enter. Between your home security cameras and the PasWord logo on your door, most criminals will know this is the wrong house for them.

If someone does try to enter your home, PasWord security cameras can help catch them both during and after their crime. Your PasWord Video Solution is designed to allow for Video Alarm Response when your intrusion system detects an event.

family security cameras
some security camera

As soon as your alarm system is tripped, PasWord’s Video Guard is alerted and will be able to view what is happening in or around your home. Low light cameras mean you don’t need to leave lights on in your house for the PasWord security responders to clearly see what the camera sees. If there is an emergency, the Video Guard will immediately notify the police.

Remember, the PasWord Response Centre can only view your home security cameras when an alarm event has been detected. You set the parameters, so you can be sure your cameras only come on when you are potentially in danger.

That’s Serious Security and Privacy at the same time!

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