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Pasword Provides ULC Fire monitoring in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara and surrounding areas.  Typically a fire marshal or insurance provider will request that a site meet ULC standards for its fire monitoring.  This means that the on site fire system needs to be monitored to a specific standard.  ULC standards require the equipment be mounted in a certain way to insure that all redundancies are accounted for.  For example, in condo buildings, ULC Fire monitoring is required because there are many occupants that are dwelling on the premise.  With proper monitoring standards being met, we can insure that the Fire Department will be notified as soon as the fire system is in alarm.  The ULC fire certificate must be posted by the panel, and inspections are done annually to insure proper working order and identify any deficiencies.

Please feel free to call PasWord for a free ULC fire consultation.